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Who is NH?

Rev. Amy Allis, Founder and Key Collaborator

From a very young age, Rev. Amy Allis has had a deep loveaallis1x2-72 and profound respect for the teachings and messages of nature. In her spiritual journey she began with a Native American path, has touched on Buddhism, Sufism, the I Ching, and studied Astrology, Wicca, The Dreamspell/Mayan Calendar, and Biogeometry – a design language of nature.

As an artist, writer, and musician, she has learned that creative expression can help us remember and experience the truth of who we are. Rev. Allis believes in the power of the heart in each moment to transform, to light a new path towards what it is we wish for, and who we came here to be. As a certified helicopter pilot and outdoor sports enthusiast, she recognizes there are infinite paths leading to the same center point of balance, wisdom, and beauty within us.

Rev. Allis brings her varied background and unique understanding to help create or facilitate a personal ceremony, transformational event, and enjoys collaborations of all kinds. She welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals or groups, encouraging trust in the creative process, and appreciation for the power and beauty of each moment.

A Message from Rev. Allis:

“I feel that every moment, every breath is sacred, that there is Light/Spirit in all things. This is how I look at the world, and how I move in the world. The presence of grace, magic, and miracles is very real for me. I have come to understand that there is something larger than me, which is connected to the same thing that lives within me, as well as all the spaces in between. And I am grateful to have this realization. This Inner Light, or Wisdom is available to all of us, whatever our beliefs are, and I welcome any opportunity to remind myself, and to share this experience with others.”

Blessed Be, Aho, In Lak’ech Ala K’in

(In Lak’ech Ala K’in = A Mayan greeting for “I am another yourself”)

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